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Our Team

Katherine Jarman
Chef Katherine Jarman started cooking when she got her first Easy Bake Oven in early childhood. Since then, she has grown to love food and the science behind how it all comes together. She looks at cooking as "chemistry in the kitchen." Katherine would do dinner parties for friends with surprise themes that always gave her a challenge.

Through culinary school she competed in team oriented competitions as well as the final appetizer competition, placing second in the school. Katherine graduated with honors from Oregon Culinary Institute and has never looked back. She has participated in many banquets, Silent Wine auctions, and catering events, and has worn many different hats in the restaurant world from assistant, to a very talented pastry chef, all the way to Sous-Chef.

She now spends her time "playing" at Food Creativity @ Work, getting her photography business up and running, and learning everything she can about food.